Although Dexter Hofing actuaries have long experience serving as multiemployer plan actuary, as a matter of policy Dexter Hofing works solely on behalf of employers and does not serve as plan actuary for any multiemployer plans. As a result, we do not have the conflicts that can arise when serving as plan actuary (responsible primarily to participants) while simultaneously advising employers. Our loyalty is solely to our clients.

Dexter Hofing actuaries have worked on a wide variety of multiemployer projects including:

  • Reviewing clients' financial exposure to multiemployer plans
  • Reviewing withdrawal liability demand letters
  • Reviewing effect of proposed corporate transactions on withdrawal liability--for example, transactions that may trigger partial withdrawal liability
  • Assisting clients with transitioning their employees from a multiemployer pension plan to a defined contribution plan
  • Serving as expert witness in arbitrations and court cases involving:
    • Withdrawal liability disputes
    • Deadlocked trustee motions
    • Actuarial malpractice suits
    • Bankruptcy court disputes involving allocation of withdrawal liability
  • Assisting clients with bargaining strategy related to multiemployer plans including meeting with union representatives if requested
  • Performing due diligence reviews for both buy and sell side M&A transactions
  • Assisting clients with accounting implications of multiemployer plans including:
    • Extent to which an employer's participation affects disclosure requirements
    • Effect of withdrawals on balance sheet and profit and loss statement